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Freshly hand-made Soba,

100% buckwheat noodles (Jyuwari Soba)

Jyuwarisoba Ishiyama

Specialty Hand-made Jyuwari Soba

Our noodles are made onsite daily from freshly-ground buckwheat flour.

We knead the dough by hand, cut the noodles thin, and cook-to-serve to provide the most authentic taste experience.

Enjoy freshly-made Jyuwari Soba with crispy Tempura for lunch time, or experience Soba specialty cuisine and choose from our selection of sake at dinner time. 

Jyuwari Soba Ishiyama 

​〒507-0078 4-8, takane-cho, tajimi, Gifu,

Takane New Plaza​

Tel: +81-(0)572-51-7501 


LUNCH 11:30 ~ 14:30 

( Last order /14:00)
DINNER 17:30 ~ 20:30 

( Last order /20:00)

Soba noodles are produced daily in limited supply -- we will close when they are sold out, unless you have made a dinner reservation.

Closed on Wednesdays and the 3rd Thursday of each month

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