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そばをこねる 十割蕎麦 石山

What's Jyuwari Soba?

Soba is called by various names depending on the ratio between buckwheat flour and binding agent such as wheat flour. Common Japanese soba is 80% buckwheat flour and 20% binding agent.  Jyuwari Soba  is 100% buckwheat flour (Jyuwari means 100% in Japanese) mixed with water only. However typical Jyuwari soba tends to become dry and crumbly because it has no binding agent.  Juwari Soba Ishiyama creates it's special texture by using "Tomo" as a binding agent, mixing soba flour with water and heating it until it becomes sticky as glue.  By taking the extra effort to bind our soba with pure soba binding agent, and by cutting noodles very thin, our Soba has a smooth and subtle chewy texture with fresh flavor.  Jyuwari Soba is a gluten-free and additive-free natural food.*

*The soba "tsuyu" (sauce) contains soy sauce, which is derived from flour and is therefore not gluten-free nor allergen-free.

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