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Koro Soba (100% Juwari Soba)

Koro Soba

Soba noodles with onsen soft boiled egg egg, deep fried tofu, tempura bits, and green onions.

Please enjoy with wasabi as you like.

* The recommended way to eat Koro soba is to add all ingredients and condiments.

Crush the hot spring eggs and eat with soba for a mellow taste

The crispy texture of green onions and the crunchy texture of tempra bits make amazing combination with fresh and cold soba.



Set menu



Tempura Koro soba

Tempura (1 shrimp, 3 kinds of vegetables) + Koro soba 



Koro Soba Mini Tendon Set

Mini Tendon (1 shrimp, 2 kinds of vegetables) + Koro soba

Koro soba rice set

Rice ( choose from tororo, chirimen, or mountain wasabi ) + Koro soba