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​Three rules of Fresh, Tasty Soba

1. Made from freshly-ground buckwheat flour, 2. hand-kneaded and cut noodles, and 3. boiled-to-order right before serving are the "Three rules of Fresh, Tasty Soba". Jyuwari Soba Ishiyama strictly follows these rules to deliver flavorful, delicious Soba. Our buckwheat is 100% grown in Japan. We grind the buckwheat grain daily with our in-store stone mill for the freshest handmade noodles. We hand cut the dough into thin noodles, boil them in a big pot, drain quickly and serve. The flavor and texture are very time-sensitive, so we follow these steps to ensure you can enjoy our Soba at peak freshness. "Three Fresh" buckwheat noodles are exceptional in taste, texture, and aroma.

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