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Benefits of Soba-yu(Soba- hot water)

Soba contains water-soluble vitamins, which are dissolved in the boiling water when the soba is boiled. Sobayu, therefore, contains vitamins B1 and B2. Sobayu has long been enjoyed for its slightly salty and comforting taste, as well as for the many nutritional benefits of soba. B vitamins support the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and the amount of vitamins B1 and B2 contained in buckwheat flour is about four times that of white rice. Vitamin B1 is effective in relieving fatigue and maintaining a normal nervous system, while vitamin B2 is effective in maintaining a normal metabolism, promoting weight loss and growth, and keeping skin and mucous membranes in good condition.

Ishiyama Soba's sobayu should first be tasted and drunk as is, without adding any dipping sauce.

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