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Are soba noodles healthy?

Soba noodles are low in calories and somehow seem to be good for you, don't they? Soba noodles are completely gluten-free because they do not contain wheat flour. (Soba sauce is not gluten-free because soy sauce contains wheat flour.

Ishiyama's style is to serve freshly ground, freshly made, and freshly boiled soba right away.

What is "gluten"?

Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat and other grains. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains, and it plays an important role in making bread sticky, puffy, and fragrant when you knead it, but if you try to wash the flour off in the sink and accidentally run hot water over it, it turns into lumps.

In fact, gluten is hard to break down, so it cannot be digested by the body and is bad for the intestines. It can also cause bowel movements, physical discomfort, and even obesity. However, if you are tired, have trouble concentrating, or feel sluggish and out of sorts, try living gluten-free for a couple of weeks to see if you feel better.

If you are stressed about not being able to eat good food after going gluten-free, you are not mentally healthy. With Soba, the fragrant flavor of Soba spreads to the back of your nose as you bite into it, and it goes down your throat with the soba sauce. You could eat it every day and never get tired of it.

Soba is gluten-free because it is made from 100% buckwheat flour, but Nihachi Soba, which is usually sold on the market, is made from buckwheat flour and wheat flour in a ratio of 8 to 2. The ratio is 8 to 2.

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