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Autumn soba, "aki-shin". We have started to make delicious seasonal soba!

The season of autumn soba has finally arrived. At Ishiyama, we have started to make the autumn soba.

There are two main types(seasons) of soba: spring soba (summer soba) and autumn soba (fall soba). Autumn soba is the new soba that comes out around now, after the seeds are sown in summer and harvested and dried in autumn.

Compared to spring-mown buckwheat noodles, the new buckwheat noodles have the same firmness and strong flavor. Please enjoy the different flavors of seasonal soba.

The soba is produced in Biei, Hokkaido.

We purchase carefully selected buckwheat seeds from buckwheat farmers and stone grind them in our store. We hope you enjoy the taste of autumn, the only time you can taste the season.

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