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New summer soba and spring-sown soba. We have started making delicious new soba.

It's still summer, so what's new soba? You may think so, but spring soba, or spring-mown soba, is buckwheat noodles that are sown in spring, harvested in summer, dried, and released at this time of the year.

There are two main times (types) of new soba.

They are divided into spring soba (summer soba) and autumn soba. After the seeds are sown, they germinate in about a week, and then begin to bloom and flower in about two to three weeks. About three months after the flowers bloom, the seeds are harvested.

The seeds are harvested about three months after the flowers have bloomed and are ready to be shipped as new buckwheat noodles.

In general, soba is made from seeds sown in the summer and harvested in the fall and dried, so it is available from around October. We hope you will enjoy this season's delicious new soba with zaru soba.

Soba is produced in Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Spring soba is not as rich in flavor as autumn soba, but it has a cool, refreshing taste. It is unique to the Kyushu region with its mild climate.

We will start making soba noodles as soon as we get the new buckwheat seeds.

We hope you enjoy the taste of summer and the taste of autumn.

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